AISense, WizMind and WizMind three innovative technologies

AISense, WizMind and WizMind three innovative technologies

AISense, WizMind and WizMind

These are the three innovative technologies in the field of security and artificial intelligence that are revolutionizing the market in Spain and Portugal thanks to their distribution by Segur.Tech. These technologies offer intelligent and cutting-edge solutions to meet security needs in various environments, such as domestic, business, and public.


AISense is an artificial intelligence-based technology that allows real-time analysis of images and sounds for threat detection or anomalous situations. AISense is integrated into various security devices, such as IP cameras, motion sensors, and alarm systems. This technology is especially useful in monitoring high-security areas, such as airports, train stations, and shopping centers. In Spain and Portugal, Segur.Tech distributes devices with AISense technology in a wide range of solutions, from video surveillance systems to smart alarms.


WizMind is an intelligent analysis platform that combines multiple deep learning functions, such as facial recognition, object classification, and behavior analysis. WizMind is ideal for managing large volumes of data and quickly identifying suspicious or dangerous situations. Segur.Tech distributes devices with WizMind technology in Spain and Portugal, including access control systems based on facial recognition, surveillance cameras with intelligent image analysis, and real-time object tracking systems.


WizSense is an advanced solution that uses artificial intelligence algorithms for motion detection and identification of people and vehicles. WizSense technology is especially useful in perimeter security applications, where quick and accurate identification of potential threats is crucial. Segur.Tech distributes devices integrating WizSense technology in Spain and Portugal, such as thermal cameras for intrusion detection in perimeters and license plate recognition systems for access control to restricted areas. In summary, AISense, WizMind, and WizSense are three cutting-edge technologies that provide intelligent and efficient security solutions in various contexts. Thanks to Segur.Tech's distribution, these technologies are available in a wide range of devices in Spain and Portugal, improving the security and protection of people and assets throughout the region. Segur.Tech experts in surveillance, protection, and security.


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