Leading company in security solutions, Smart Home, and Intelligent Video Surveillance!

Located in the heart of Barcelona and Lisbon, Portugal, Segur.tech has become a reference in the integration of intelligent video surveillance systems, home automation, anti-theft systems, and hybrid alarm centers.

Segur.tech understands that we live in an era where technology and security are two inseparable aspects of daily life. Therefore, we are dedicated to integrating intelligent video surveillance systems. Our systems not only guarantee the security of spaces but also offer an unprecedented level of control and information to the user.

In summary, Segur.tech focuses on these areas because it understands the needs and challenges of the modern world. They are committed to providing high-quality security solutions that are constantly evolving to keep their customers one step ahead of any potential threat.


More than 20 years of experience

Segur.Tech has grown rapidly thanks to its team of highly qualified and dedicated professionals, who work tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction and safety of our customers.

Our mission

At Segur.Tech, we are committed to continuous innovation and the development of effective solutions to meet the constantly evolving needs of the intelligent security and smart home market.

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